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Skram - Electronic Music Maker / Groovebox

Skram is an all-in-one eletronic music groove box that aims to be a very intuitive and easy way to get into producing electronic music for the first time, as a well as an inspiring tool for more seasoned musicians.

Skram preview

The audio engine is entirely homegrown, written in a combination of C and C++, and using the Accelerate framwork. It provides virtual analog subtractive synthesis, as well as an FM engine, both with a variety of oscilators (BLEP, PolyBLEP, DPW, wavetable), a wide variety of filters, tube amp simulations, analog-modelled envelopes, and various delay constructs. Devices in the Skram app are meta-synths defined by JSON files specifying the engine’s base parameter values and a set of macro parameters with certain ranges, stages and interpolation curves. The device UIs are also generated from these JSON files, which contains images and object descriptors in layer system, and links controls to their corresponding macro parameters. These devices are interchangeable, and the sequencers that appear on one side are also interchangeable, increasing the expression range for each device.

Here’s the teaser video from the release:

Past iOS Work

Griid - integrated touch controller for Ableton Live

Griid was a tightly integrated touch controller for Ableton Live, leveraging a custom MIDI SysEx protocol to communicate with Python control surface scripts and allow smooth, high resolution control of Live. Something that was not possible with other touch controllers at the time. It was designed with simplicity, immediacy, scalability and robustness in mind and was the main control interface for the Plastikman Live 1.0 and 1.5 tours, as well as Orbital 2013 Live tour. Originally built for the very first iPad, the UI was fully implemented in OpenGLES fixed pipeline. The app was built under the Liine brand and discontinued in 2013 to allow a refocus on other controller applications.

Griid preview Cliip preview

Remiix - interactive records

Remiix was an app framework that allowed the creation of customized interactive records. It consisted of four channels of looping audio samples with each their DSP effects controlled via multi-parameter macros for a transparent, simple user experience. The framework allowed for extensive skinning of the interface and the audio engine was based on FMod with extra in-house effects. It was developed under the Liine brand.

Remiix preview

Smudge/Interakt - interactive AV installation/app

Smudge was a quick and simple app built in OpenFramworks that acted as a flyer and audio toy to promote the Enter. event series in 2012. The interface smoothly morphed from one state to the other with additional animations creating a wobbly floating effect. A simple 8 step sequencer would allow the creation of musical patterns, with synthesis and effect parameters being defined by the amount of distortion (smudge) applied to the circle representing each step. Beyond the standalone behavior, the app used Bluetooth to create a small peer to peer network with other close-by devices and would then turn into a collaborative sequencer. Furthermore, upon entering the main installation room at the Enter. event, the app would connect to a master host and become a controller for a randomly assigned component of an immersive audio visual installation on-site.

Smudge preview Interakt preview