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SDR tool chain on Debian for the cccamp 2015 rad1o badge

As per the doc we need the following packages on debian:

apt-get install hackrf gqrx-sdr gnuradio gr-osmosdr

It turns out that in the current state of Debian Sid/unstable, there a few confusing package dependencies as gqrx-sdr depends on libgnuradio-*3.7.5, and not the most recent 3.7.8 versions which are installed by the gnuradio package. Furthermore it also depends on libgnuradio-osmosdr0.1.3 which depends on some libboost packages which break with the recent libstdc++6 ABI change.

To get around this without too much recompile pain, one can install gnuradio 3.7.8 (+ gnuradio-dev) and manually compile libgnuradio-osmosdr, gr-osmosdr and gqrx-sdr.

As of yesterday, the latest revisions of osmocom and the 2.3.2 source of gqrx-sdr were compiling without issues.

I haven’t had a chance to test it much yet, will edit with more notes when I do.

EDIT: It works. Just make sure to have libhackrf-dev installed before compiling the osmosdr gnuradio extension, otherwise hackrf devices won’t show up in gqrx.